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Create a Fire Break for Home Safety

Contact 805 Goats if you're worried about wildfire safety. We offer goat grazing, a natural way to create a fire break to protect your home. Wildfires spread fast, and goats offer a natural, sustainable way to provide fuel reduction in dry areas. Try something completely new, and let our animals graze your property to eliminate flammable vegetation. You're sure to be impressed with the results.

Goats Grazing On A Farm

Fire Mitigation

We use our goats to help reduce wildfires. Fires can have horrendous effects, and our targeted grazing services can save lives. Plus, goat grazing removes heavy field loads in areas where the brush is too thick to penetrate using other methods. We effectively manage the regrowth of natural vegetation, including brush and shrubs, and goat grazing ultimately breaks the continuity of flammable cover.

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Eco-Friendly Land Clearing and vegitation management Service

Contact 805 Goats to discover a land clearing service that is kind to the environment. We offer goat grazing that saves you from using harmful herbicides of any kind. Goat grazing is popular in Northern and Southern California, Southern Oregon, and throughout the Midwest, and it's proven to be effective. Call us to give it a try.

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Natural Land Management

We offer a sustainable way to manage your property and eliminate invasive weeds and brush. And our method uses a 100%-natural approach! Goats eat a lot every day and prefer to eat weeds, invasive plants, and shrubs. So goat grazing is a practical way to reduce populations of invasive plants.

We invested a substantial amount of time researching goat grazing methods, and we pass on that expertise to you when you use this service. Leaving invasive plant species unmanaged ultimately creates a fire hazard you don't want during dry weather. Goats target the plant's seed heads and eat those first, which effectively reduces the number of seeds that get replanted. This method effectively and safely controls future growth.

About Us

805 Goats is based in the Conejo Valley and we offer natural land management using goats. Goat grazing is a sustainable, ecologically friendly way to manage your land, control overgrowth, and eliminate invasive plants and noxious weeds. Our goat grazing services are also used to reduce heavy fuel loads that reduce the fire danger. They graze down brush to create firebreaks.  

We provide our services to a wide range of clients, including homeowners, homeowner associations, city and county governments, and golf course managers. With a couple hundred goats available, we can handle your large and small projects. Our green business reduces the chance of wildfires and keeps your property looking trim and tidy. We have consulted with fire departments, insurance companies, and homeowners, and they support us in offering this eco-friendly land management service.

Environmentally Friendly Reduce Vegetation Control Overgrowth
Create Firebreaks Manage Your Land Eliminate Weeds